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Glory Ridge Retreat
A Christian Health Ministry
Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

Spiritually                          Physically

Is this your story?

Have you been left with empty promises but are still   hoping and praying?  Have you been left short or given       up on conventional medical and alternative treatments?  Are you exhausted, depressed, and broken from your  search for victory over elusive, stubborn, chronic, even terminal health challenges? 

There are basically three predominant types of "American" patients in this country.  

The first at a hint of a sniffle or pain, runs to the doctor, and then the drug store.  They engage into a long relationship with the western medical system.   More often than not a significant portion of their life becomes ever intertwined with a litany of prescription drugs, side effects, surgeries and a compounding of illnesses that rarely ends well, and never really eliminates what started it all.  The managing of symptoms is often treated with a protocol of "suppressing" symptoms with the use of pharmacology.  Consider the fact that Americans consume 87% of the prescription drugs produced, yet we are only 5% of the world's population.  That should give you pause to think, and reconsider. 

The second is the "silent sufferer" that goes through life in denial despite of their discomforts, fear, and refuses to seek medical attention.  They are stubborn, leery, or are those that walk in the world of "natural" and alternative health modalities.   Some will win their battles through shear will, faith, or alternative means... but eventually they too can or will lose the war.  

The third and the lesser of the three floats somewhere between the two.  There is little understanding of the complexity of disease.  The "sad" standard American diet, environmental toxicity all contribute to cancer, but so does a traumatic emotional "event" in ones life.   

It is not my intention to irk the ire of ilk... but both white coats and the green coats despite some impressive victories have not delivered a "healthy" America much less provided people with a quality of life throughout all their days.  Both mainstream and alternative healthcare along with their pharmaceutical or nutritional product partners carry the stigma of a behemoth business machine with a poor score card.   Regardless, through it all...there is that internal flame of HOPE within us.

In short, have you been just managing symptoms, and not getting well?

History and Trust....

This is my story....

My journey as a health and wellness practitioner started in the early 1990's.  Over the last  eight years I have been focused in the mircrocirulcation technology space.... PEMF and PEMA energy medical science.  Now retired from clinical practice, I previously owned and operated wellness centers in Texas and Florida.   My main campus in Florida was Body Logic Institute     in St. Augustine, which provided a talented and caring staff offering comprehensive services in whole body detoxification, colonics, acupuncture, massage specialties, iridology, infra-red, customized nutrition using quantum physics and more.  This center also offered my post-secondary education school in Colonic Irrigation, Curriculum and Certification.  I was licensed and board certified with degrees in Holistic Nutrition, Colon Hydrotherapy (Instructor Level), Massage Therapy, Diplomat of Iridology, Live Blood Cell Analysis, and a certified Life Coach.        I performed over 30,000 colonic procedures personally, and with three additional colonic therapists on staff we tallied exemplary care for our clients. 

In my journey I also studied and experienced a number of religions and beliefs.  My mother was a "celebrity" Astrologer, with her own presence in TV, radio, and newspaper columns.   After a significant "life event", I took a sabbatical and cared for her now at post career, and late senior years.  For one year nearly every morning I walked on the beach and prayed for God's plan for the rest of my life...despite all the success, wealth, and life experiences there was something "missing"...I could feel it.   God answered.  When I was touched by the Holy Spirit, I was never the same.  I know that I am redeemed, healed, and protected by the BLOOD of Christ Jesus.  The feeling is incredible, but to describe a little harder.  It is not a religion, it is a relationship.

I am unashamed to profess my Christian faith.  If that is not currently your walk in life, I encourage you to investigate.

God has blessed my husband and I with a specific thirteen beautiful acres

on the eastern continental divide atop the Blue Ridge Mountains of North

Carolina.  We are developing a Health Ministry so my knowledge and

experience can continue to bless people, but now in a relaxed and

beautiful environment.  Additionally, our outdoor ministry is a mission

towards mentoring youth groups and helping the impoverished in our region.  

There are no coincidences, that's just God's way of remaining anonymous.  A recent discovery has revealed to me a great "reveal"...about blood cleansing, and the change in the relationship of the human condition and water.  Faith, knowledge backed by hard's what I am being called to share .  The need is great....and the cry of His people has become deafening .

The "truth"....given ALL the conventional and alternative modalities, nutritional science resources, and "specialists" America has to offer...why it is not stemming the tide of rates in all age groups of cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological and biological degeneration?  And, now with the residual debilitating effects from Covid...the citizens of the United States are at an unprecedented state of sickness, disease and death. 


After I retired from clinical practice, I spent many years traveling, conducting speaking engagements, training, and providing services in PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) microcirculation technology.  Nearly eight years of using a specific leading German technology it gave me a great opportunity for observation and assessment.  Outcomes swung the length of its pendulum.  On the high side the technology literally played a pivotal roll in the saving of lives, including that of my husband who suffered a massive a low side with a questionable association of life threatening, disastrous even fatal outcomes.  This left a looming unanswered question.  If the goal is to dramatically improve vital life giving microcirculation to our fellow human beings along with their four-legged companions, then why have outcomes not been consistently close to or at 100% positive?  It gave me a pause, and left me with a quest to find that answer.  By God's grace and guidance...He answered my question with a question.  What is in the blood being are stimulated?  Now understanding that truth, it is my opinion that using frequency technologies has the potential to present a significant risk dependent upon the health of one's blood, The question can be reduced to a simple reality.... that the condition of your blood and the new relationship with water can either HEAL you or KILL you my friend.

By God's design and grace....I say to you, that BLOOD was truly created to be your Healer,       and when restored, it restores the body.   It can return to you a "quality of life", and is saving lives... in many cases rapidly.   However, you must be open to change and understanding. This is  a health ministry...and the good news is spreading.  Thank God!


Sources say....80% of conventional blood tests are wrong.  64% of cancer

tests are false.  The #1 cause of bankruptcy in this country remains due to

medical bills.  People sadly will sell their last asset just to get through that

next surgery.  There are 34 million diabetics on medication and some 64

million that are prediabetic.  Reportedly, there is a huge spike in cases of Parkinson's since the Covid outbreak. 

 So has your BRAIN and mind, HEART and Vascular System, LIVER, LUNGS, KIDNEYS, PANCREAS, INTESTINES, BONES, MUSCLES   and Ligaments, SKIN, EYES or any SYSTEM been diagnosed or labeled with some “dis-ease”??...which may also be associated with discomfort and dysfunction, and the status is stubborn, syndrome, chronic, rare or terminal?

The first place to start is Deuterium Depletion, then Blood Cleansing with free consultation.

Is what's in your BLOOD killing you!
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                          Discover your origin.                               Heal the BLOOD and it will HEAL your Body.

Be WELL Body and Soul 

Schedule a (no fee) confidential phone consultation

(up to 60 mins)


 A different discussion about chronic and degenerative diseases.  Actually, in summary an unnecessary discussion about cancer, leukemia, diabetes, neuropathy, cardiovascular, poor circulation, stroke, high cholesterol, high triglycerides,  arthritis, lupus, cirrhosis, fatty liver, kidney problems, impaired  vision, dizziness, ringing in the ears,  headaches, exhaustion, depression, pain in knees, elbows,  shoulders, neck, back, hands, inflammation, prostate, gastritis,  colitis, bloating, hernia,  constipation, diarrhea and more. 

You will find the discussion and answers to your challenges factual, uplifting, simple, and proven.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a medical doctor.  I am providing nutritional counsel derived from my own education, training, clinical experience, licensing, and certifications in the area of health and wellness

By contacting me you are agreeing and acknowledging, that providing such counsel, and/or any recommendation for use or acquistion of any nutritional product/s is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease and has not been approved by the FDA.  The information discussed, shared, or published is for the purpose of education and is based on facts, actual studies, and/or real testimonies of first person's whom have reported their results.

Results may very, you consult your medical health professional before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

Susan J Heckman, Dip. Ir, MS, LMT, CT, CLC (retired)

Glory Ridge Retreat, LLC

Glory Ridge Foundation 501 (C3)

Freedom Wellness LLC

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